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Why install SMARTRONIC?

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With the rising cost of electrical energy there is growing pressure to use it as efficiently as possible. This fact significantly affects trends in the development of new technologies, including compression and air treatment. More efficient compression and efficient use of electrical energy = money saved.

When air is compressed, most of the electrical energy is converted into heat. When starting to develop the new range of SMARTRONIC compressors the idea was to reduce the percentage of electrical energy that is converted into heat and to use the heat generated, despite efforts to reduce it, so as to build a machine that would meet the requirements of the current trends. One bonus is the use of compressed air technology in a pressure vessel, which in standard machines is discharged into the atmosphere when the compressor discharges, resulting in a significant loss.


SMARTRONIC is a new series of oil-lubricated screw compressors with an output of 30 kW to 110 kW with an integrated Fusion Dryer that uses waste heat from the compressor and exhaust technological air. The achievable dew point temperature is in the range of +5 ° C to -20 ° C or -40 ° C. The whole machine is controlled by a central control system from a single control panel with the support of sophisticated diagnostics.

A "complete compressor station on a dime", so to speak.


MAXIMUM USE OF DRYER (without bypass)

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The new ATMOS A150 compression unit – 5th generation Air End

kompresorHigher efficiency – the A150 screw block is the cornerstone of a new generation of screw compressors. This is our own screw block, marketed under the name ATMOS A150, with a thermodynamic efficiency of nearly 90 percent. Adjusted distribution channels, more efficient oil injection into the compression unit and the new helix shape seal the chamber more tightly during compression and increase efficiency.

Longer life - robust construction and less wear due to the specific way in which the helices are placed.

Wide performance range – the integrated transmission unit allows for a wide performance range while maintaining high drive efficiency.

More efficient cooling

chlazeniThe new structural arrangement of machine parts in the body and using waste heat for drying has increased cooling efficiency and reduced pressure losses.

Using a proportion of waste heat for drying purposes.

Fusion drying

Patented principle of the Fusion dryer integrated directly into the compressor station

  • Utilizes waste heat from the compressor to heat regeneration air.
  • Air produced by the discharge stage of the compressor or discharged into the atmosphere is dried and used for regeneration.
  • Dries only the amount air required to achieve the set dew point.
  • Pressure dew point up to -40 ° C, (optional)
  • Long-lasting control valves.
  • Pressure dew point measured at the compressor outlet.
  • Filtration of compressed air in accordance with ISO 8573-1: 2001 (-; 3; 2) Quality class to the residual content of solids depends on the type of dust filter. It is offered as an option.
  • Maximum pressure loss (0.5 bar).
  • Centrally controlled control unit for drying and adsorption process built into the compressor housing.

Settings options:

  • Pressure dew point +5°C to -20°C with basic model.
  • Pressure dew point of -40 ° C, when 2 adsorption cylinders.
  • Easy setting the required pressure dew point at the dryer controller.
  • Dew point may also be controlled from the sensor at the coolest point on the pipe.

Central control and diagnostic system

A new central control unit and a diagnostic system for monitoring the operational status of the compressor station are at the development stage. The control system is constructed to allow engine vibrations, the screw block, oil temperature and quality and pressure loss in the individual components of the station to be measured and evaluated at any time, so that the system is able to detect any impending malfunction and notify the operator as early as possible.

The diagnostic unit will therefore be able to not only provide information on the current status, but also record the history of the state of the compressor, allowing further optimization of its operation and service intervals. Information from the diagnostic unit can be transmitted via the fieldbus to the parent control system, while specifications of the protocols used will be freely available in the basic version.

Operational status and measurement history may also be viewed via the web interface. All equipment inside the compressor station will communicate via the internal data bus and status messages and warnings will then be sent by e-mail or SMS. This will make the system very flexible and it may extended in many different ways.

What will the contraol system contain?

  • Central control unit.
  • Diagnostic unit.
  • Fusion dryer controller.

Why will the central control unit be easy to connect to the parent system?

  • The central control unit will operate on the MODBUS - RTU standard industry protocol and it will not be necessary to install a converter to convert protocols from the compressor control unit.
  • The standard output will be the RS 485 port for digital lines and superior management.

Unique design

  • This integrated compressor station with adsorption dryer and intelligent management and diagnostics system represents a completely new standard in the generation of compressed air.
  • Conveniently placing parts in a common housing has resulted in an integrated compressor station which is easy to connect up to air conditioning.
  • A major benefit as regards the economical operation and reliability of the machine is also greater cooling efficiency.
  • Easy access to all components.
  • Revolutionary drying and control over the quality of output compressed air.
  • Management of energy consumption and maximal utilization of energy that would otherwise be wasted.
  • Diagnostics and management of operating conditions such as prevention, increased efficiency and extended service lifetime.
  • Modern and highly efficient components (new 5th generation block A150).
  • Remote control and reporting for increased safety and faster solutions.
  • Universal installation dimensions and variability.
  • Easy to connect and operate.

Machine technical parameters


TypeBlockRated motor powerRated power (m3/min)
kW7,5 BAR8,5 BAR10 BAR13 BAR
ST 30+A15030 6,1 5,9 5,2 4,2
ST 30 Vario+A150306,2 5,8 5,2 4,2
ST 37A15037 6,7 6,3 5,6 4,8
ST 37+A15037 7,2 7,0 6,3 4,9
ST 37 VarioA15037 6,8 6,4 5,7 4,7
ST 37 Vario+A15037 7,3 7,1 6,4 5,0
ST 45A15045 7,8 7,4 6,8 5,6
ST 45+A15045 8,3 7,9 7,4 6,0
ST 45 Vario A15045 7,9 7,5 6,9 5,5
ST 45 Vario+A15045 8,4 8,1 7,4 6,1
ST 55A15055 8,8 8,3 7,8 7,4
ST 55 VarioA15055 8,8 8,4 7,9 6,8
ST 55 Vario+A15055 8,9 8,7 8,1 7,6
ST 75SCA-14G-R7512,7 12,0 10,8 9,3
ST 75 VarioSCA-14G-R75 12,7 12,0 10,8 9,1
ST 75 Vario+SCA-14G-R75 13,4 13,3 12,5 9,7
ST 90SCA-20G-R90 16,8 16,0 13,8 12,2
ST 90 VarioSCA-20G-R90 16,8 16,0 13,8 12,4

Unit performance measured according to ISO 1217, Annex C.
In the version with integrated fusion dryer is a discharge pressure up to 0.5 barg lower.
Fusion dryer is not available for machines ST90 and ST90 Vario.

Machine dimensions

TypeWeightWeight FDMeasures (mm)
kgkgLength (A)FD Length (A)Width (B)Height (C)
ST 30 +9009601880188012621680
ST 30 Vario+94010001880188012621680
ST 3795010101880188012621680
ST 37 +99010501880188012621680
ST 37 Vario100010601880188012621680
ST 37 Vario +102010801880188012621680
ST 45101010701880188012621680
ST 45 +104011001880188012621680
ST 45 Vario107011301880188012621680
ST 45 Vario +108011401880188012621680
ST 55115012101880188012621680
ST 55 Vario120012601880188012621680
ST 55 Vario +123012901880188012621680
ST 75150015602432243212621742
ST 75 Vario156016202432243212621742
ST 75 Vario +159016502432243212621742
ST 901780není v nabídce2432není v nabídce12621742
ST 90 Vario1820není v nabídce2432není v nabídce12621742


Utility features

  • Maximum utilization of all of energy - patented fusion drying system.
  • Quickly adaptable to operational needs when in use - adaptable dew point settings as needed.
  • Entire compressor station takes up minimal space - small installation dimensions.
  • Automated operation.
  • Quick service support, including without the presence of a service technician - easier, faster and better informed service.
  • Ensures a continuous supply of compressed air.
  • Ensures the lowest costs of generating compressed air.
  • Continuously ensures high purity and quality of compressed air.
  • This reduces the workload of the maintenance department and need for technician qualifications. Simplified operation and maintenance of the compressor station.
  • Easy to monitor the operation of the compressor station.
  • Assures flexibility when expanding production capacity and changing operational requirements.

Innovative design

  • Continuous measurement of TRB and option to set it.
  • Drying controlled on the basis of projecting moisture.
  • Technological air used to dry contents.
  • 5th generation screw block, own design.
  • Energy-efficient cooling.
  • Reduces pressure losses.
  • Monitoring the compressor stations via the control system enables early detection of impending malfunctions.
  • Modular body system - universal installation dimensions.
  • Utilizes waste heat.


  • Easy to install.
  • Adsorption drying almost for the price of condensation drying.
  • Minimum operating costs - +5 ° C dew point without energy demands, -20 ° C TRB saves 50% energy compared to adsorption drying.
  • Utilizes waste heat for drying processes - efficient cooling.
  • Drying process is controlled according to the relaive humidity of the pressure air, so only needed volume of air is dried.
  • Continuous regulation of station output, VARIO model with frequency inverter.
  • Minimum energy loss on conversion due to direct connection.
  • More efficient injection of oil into the compression unit and helix shape, increasing the sealing power of the chamber during compression.
  • Utilizes waste heat from the compressor to heat the regeneration air, thus reducing losses incurred regeneration by up to 75%.
  • For regeneration uses compressed air, which is different air discharged from the compressor into the atmosphere.
  • Uses variable regeneration time controlled depending on TRB setting.



  • Optional level of equipment for the compressor station.
  • Set the required discharge pressure level in the VARIO version.
  • Set the dew point according to the season or operating requirements, adaptaptable to operational requirements from +5 to -20 ° C dew point: (e.g. installing new technology with higher air quality demands, improving by seasonality. For example, during the winter season from +5 to -10 ° C dew point, without the need for another dryer for technology situated outdoors or other
  • operations (hall), where pipes run outside).
  • Air conditioning easy to connect to prepared brackets.
  • Easy access to all parts of the compressor, easy serviceability.


  • Components from renowned manufacturers (Siemens, WEG, Continental, VMC, Danfoss, CMC etc..). Own production of key parts and their availability.
  • Reduced wear, operational optimization through the central control station.
  • Service life extended by adapting the service interval, which is under control.
  • Enhanced cooling efficiency resulting from the specific bearing, combined with the use of residual heat for other purposes.
  • Time-tested functionality and reliability of products originating from high-quality production lines.
  • Measuring equipment and competent staff at the ATMOS plant.

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